PADI Oxygen First Aid Instructor

This course can be enrolled by PADI Assistant Instructors and PADI Instructors. The course makes you familiar with the DAN Oxygen Unit and includes plenty of practices with many scenarios and background information, emphasizing the importance of early oxygen treatment in case of diving accident. The course reviews course standards, qualifying you to reach the PADI Oxygen First Aid Distinctive Speciality Course. This course is conducted over two days.

Course Package



PADI Oxygen First Aid Instructor Distinctive Specialty Course Instructor Manual

Tuition Fees

Oxygen First Aid Workbook

Pocket Mask


Course Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

Introduction and Orientation

The PADI Oxygen First Aid Course – Overview

CPR review

Recognizing Decompression Illness and Diving related injuries

Other Lung Over-pressure problem

Drowing / Neardrowning

Video – DAN Oxygen First Aid in Dive Accident

CPR practice

Equipment Identification

Skill Mastery the student scenario excercise

Breathing Diver Conscious

Breathing Diver Unconscious

Breathing and Non-breathing diver

The Breathing Divers

Equipment Familiarization

Examination and Review

Marketing PADI Oxgen First Aid

PADI and DAN relationship

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