Instructor Examination

After completing all aspects of the IDC, you are qualified to participate in the PADI instructor examination (IE). You can complete this programme in Singapore or any part of the world over two days.
If successful in the IE, you will become certified as a PADI open-water scuba instructor.
*You must have logged at least 100 dives in order to enroll for IE.


Diving Theory


(Closed Book Examination with passing scores of 75% or higher on the each following subjects)

General Skill and Evaluation
Recreational Dive Planner 

Remark: Failure in only one subject is allowed. Two or more subjects failed or failure on retest results in non certificate

(Open book exam, passing score 75% or higher, No retest)


Skill Assessment

Open-water Rescue Demonstration : response, recovery, resuscitation, transport and equipment removal.


General Diving Skills Evaluation : An evaluation of general diving skills made by the staff during all confined and open-water sessions.

Skill evaluation Circuit : Candidate perform a circuit consisting of five skills from the PADI open-water diver course. Score is 3.0 or higher on each skills. In addition, score total of 17 points or higher on the entire skill circuit.

Teaching Presentation

Knowledge Development Presentation (3.5 or higher)
Confined water presentation (3.5 or higher)
Open-water presentation (3.5 or higher)
Attitude and professionalism

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