M/V Vilai Samut Liveaboard

The MV Vilai Samut is equipped to carry 22 passengers and a 10-man crew. It is fully equipped and stocked to make sure you enjoy the whole trip. The ship contains 8 air-conditioned cabins, large diving area and ample shower facilities, allowing you to dive and relax in complete comfort.
The Vilai Samut is able to hold 10,000 litres of fresh water, has reserve fuel tanks, a backup generator, ship to shore communication equipment, mobile telephone and a well put together medical first aid kit. The ship also carries emergency oxygen in the unlikely event that a diver might require it.

Dive Destinations

Similan Islands
The Similan archipelago consists of nine small granite islands located 92 km. (56 n. miles) northwest of Phuket island, and is a Marine National Park under the care of the Royal Forestry Department.
The Similan archipelago is claimed to be one of Asia’s top dive destinations, with an underwater terrain highlighted by thriving reefs, abundant soft corals and the tremendous diversity of marine life.

Bon Island
Bon Island located about 46 km. northeast of the Similans islands is a good site for manta rays and sometimes whale sharks. This is a good site for large pelagic. Huge sponges can also be found in depths of 30-40 m.

Tachai Island
Tachai Island located about 40 km. south of Surin islands, provides 3 multi-level reefs at this site to venture in. The average depth is between 12 m. to 24 m. Soft and hard corals, sea fans, sea anemones and a variety of coral fishes can be found here.

Richelieu Rock
Lying just southeast of Surin island is Richelieu rock, as the rock is in open sea, the pinnacles are visible only at low tide. One of Thailand’s best dive sites, this is a wall dive around the main outcrop and is listed as a top location for whale sharks, sea – horses, manta rays and leopard sharks. The average depth is between 15 m to 25 m.

Surin Islands
Surin islands located 88 km. (48 n.miles) due west of Ranong province, consist of five granite islands and it is also a marine national park. This site offers fringing reefs which slope gently to the sea bed and an abundance of coral and marine life.



This trip departs Phuket onboard the vessel M.V. Vilai Samut at 20.30hr from Patong Beach jetty. The journey takes about 5 hours.
Day 1: 3 day dives and 1 night dive.
Day 2: Bon and Tachai Islands for 3 day dives and 1 night dive.
Day 3: Richelieu Rock for 3 day dives and 1 night dive.
Day 4: Similan Islands for 2 day dives and later depart for Patong Beach, Phuket, arriving at about 18.00 hrs.

Cabins contain

Individually controlled air conditioning
Bedding Sea-view windows
Reading lamps
Dressing table
Mains outlet 220 Volts AC

The meals consist of Thai main meals and continental breakfasts. Buffet-style service on upper deck – choose from four or five main dishes with soup and salad. Vegetarian requirements can also be catered for.
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, fruits and biscuits are provided free of charge.
Soft drinks (20 Baht) and beer (50 Baht) are available.

Safety features

Motorised dinghy, Ship to ship radio, Global Positioning System (GPS), Depth Sounder, Mobile telephone, Medic First Aid Box, Oxygen, Life jackets, Fire extinguishers, No life rafts.


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