Manado with Minahasa Divers

A dominating volcanic landscape creates a unique backdrop for you to discover North Sulawesi, one of the world’s best yet least known dive destinations. The year-round diving here is all about amazing variety and exotic surroundings. The deep seas give excellent average visibility (25m). They are also home to many unusual species, for example the prehistoric fish “coelacanth” as well as some household names: reef-shark, turtles, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, even dugong and orca! The majority of sites are conveniently accessed within one hour from your hotel and yet North Sulawesi’s remote location means that the sites are never crowded with other divers.
If you have been yearning for an exciting and unusual destination for your next dive holiday, Manado should be that choice. A beautiful city on the northern tip of Sulawesi, the orchid-shaped island previously known as, “Celebes”. It Is south of the Philippines and sits astride the equator. Manado, the accessible travel destination, offers many unique and unmatched sea and land attractions. Especially fascinating are the dive sites with an endless variety of dive scenarios. You can dive from the flat reefs to dramatic drop-offs, experience drift or current dives as well as wreck and night dives. Awaiting you on the surface is the fascinating ‘Land of The Minahasas’. This is where you’ll meet the delightful light-skinned Minahasa people with their quick smiles and keen interest in visitors. Unsurpassed are the islands of the Bunaken National Marine Park. Each island is surrounded a white sandy beach with the breathtaking beauty of colourful shallow coral reef and magnificent deeper coral gardens. The water is usually calm and visibility often exceeds 30 m (I00 ft). The water temperature remains about 30C (84F) all year round. Excellent diving conditions can be found any time of the year.


Located at Mokupa area east of Manado city, this exclusive resort boasts facilities that are ideal for the dive travellers to get away from it all. It is set amongst beautifully landscaped tropical gardens, facing the Sulawesi Sea. Minahasa Divers’ full facility Dive Centre offers Manado diving at its best. Located within the Minahasa Prima Resort, it’s 35 – 40 minutes to the Bunaken-Manado Tua Marine Park via 2 custom-built local dive boats.

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