Lembeh Manado

One of the richest areas of marine diversity in the world, Lembeh Strait is now a popular dive destination for lovers of all critters great and small! Along the strait’s 12 kilometers are packed an uncountable number of rare critters : octopuses, frogfishes, shrimps, nudibranches and seahorses — at more than 20 dive sites between the mainland of North Sulawesi and Lembeh Island. But this colorful, pristine environment is also home to smaller but no-less-spectacular creatures nestled in the sand or among the coral flowers. LEMBEH STRAIT is a MUST for MUCK-DIVING LOVERS! So where do you stay?

Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort

With beachfront view of Lembeh Strait, your rooms are minutes away from some of the best dive-sites on the planet. It’s a no-brainer. The Restaurant serves fresh and hygienically prepared meals by a qualified chef and kitchen team. Our ocean view restaurant’s menu offers a mix of traditional and international dishes. One more thing: learning the secrets to diving or just relaxing by the resort is a lot easier now, with the completion of the Bastianos lembeh swimming pool. Then there is the dedicated Camera Room for our underwater photography buffs-decorated with their images of Lembeh Strait’s flora and fauna ( more of which can be found on this website ). There is also a library with a comfy reading area to better inform our guests about the strait’s marine life and other useful information.

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