Maldives – Laguna

The boat arriving from the airport begins the approach to Laguna from behind the island, making a broad sweep to enter its lagoon through a gap in the coral. From the sea, the island looks like a grove of coconut palms floating in the dreamy blue water of its private lagoon. The beach wraps the island in a soft cocoon of sand – a leisurely stroll for the devoted beachcomber and a blissful setting for romantic moments. The blue and gold of the horizon, the shades of green touching the lagoon, lend spectacular color to this tropical hideaway. A resort of both elegance and relaxed atmosphere – it is large enough to find quiet seclusion and small enough to share with loved ones.If you have been yearning for an exciting and unusual destination for your next dive holiday, Manado should be that choice. A beautiful city on the northern tip of Sulawesi, the orchid-shaped island previously known as, “Celebes”. It Is south of the Philippines and sits astride the equator. Manado, the accessible travel destination, offers many unique and unmatched sea and land attractions. Especially fascinating are the dive sites with an endless variety of dive scenarios. You can dive from the flat reefs to dramatic drop-offs, experience drift or current dives as well as wreck and night dives. Awaiting you on the surface is the fascinating ‘Land of The Minahasas’. This is where you’ll meet the delightful light-skinned Minahasa people with their quick smiles and keen interest in visitors. Unsurpassed are the islands of the Bunaken National Marine Park. Each island is surrounded a white sandy beach with the breathtaking beauty of colourful shallow coral reef and magnificent deeper coral gardens. The water is usually calm and visibility often exceeds 30 m (I00 ft). The water temperature remains about 30C (84F) all year round. Excellent diving conditions can be found any time of the year.

The Perfect Getaway

Once you have discovered paradise you will unquestionably return again. Our aim is to make every one of your visits to Laguna more special and memorable than the last by ensuring you have a unique and unforgettable experience each and every stay with us. Laguna Loyalty is an exclusive scheme offering you additional privileges, services and benefits to enhance your future experiences on our island paradise. From your second visit to Laguna you will be entitled to special amenities and conveniences which are tailored specifically for you as our special guests in this little piece of heaven on earth. It will be our pleasure to welcome you back and have the opportunity to extend our hospitality to you once again.

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